Graduate Research Cluster

Students studying together in a library

Graduate Research Clusters (formerly Graduate Interest Groups) foster crossdisciplinary collaboration and inquiry among graduate students in the form of cross-departmental reading, screening, and/or discussion groups, dissertation working groups, and other activities. Research clusters may organize activities that draw on local intellectual and cultural resources, including faculty and community leaders. To propose Graduate Research Clusters, visit Apply for Support. To receive updates when we are open to accepting proposals, subscribe to our newsletter.


The activities specific to this research cluster entail three events over the course of the 2022-2023 academic year. Each quarter, a scholar will be invited to virtually present on a topic that relates to autoethnography. This method seeks to counter the biased pitfalls of an ostensibly objective researcher in ethnography by making them a central component of the research study.

QueerCrip Research Collective

This GRC invites researchers and allies engaging in QueerCrip-themed work who are passionate about creating community, collaborating on interdisciplinary research, peer mentoring, resource sharing, and creative strategizing to ensure our research benefits the communities we serve.