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The Simpson Center administers two funding rounds per year, in Fall and Spring Quarters. Both fall and spring rounds support funding for the following year. Currently, we are accepting proposals for themed faculty summer fellowships, through a special funding round.

Current and Upcoming Opportunities

Special Funding: Open January 10, 2024 | Due March 1, 2024
Spring Funding: Open March 5, 2024 | Due April 5, 2024

The next fall funding round opens in October 2024 and closes in November 2024

Research Support for Major External Fellowship Awards

Applications accepted on a rolling basis.

Important Dates

Application Dates

In recognition of the excellence in humanities scholarship that a fellowship award from a major national organization indicates, the Simpson Center is launching special support for faculty who are selected for these highly competitive fellowships from the organizations below.


UW tenure-track faculty at all ranks who have been formally awarded the following fellowships:

  • ACLS Fellowships (does not include ACLS Leading Edge Fellowships, Scholars and Society Fellowships, etc.)
  • NEH Fellowships (does not include NEH-Mellon Fellowships for Digital Publication or Summer Stipends)
  • Guggenheim Fellowships


This funding will be extended to all faculty who receive these fellowships, without further review by the Simpson Center Executive Board.

Terms of Award

Research funds of $5000, to be processed through the reimbursement of research-related expenses and travel. Funds must be used within the twelve-month period of the award, with a deadline for all reimbursement requests to be submitted to the Simpson Center no later than one month before the end of the twelve-month term.

Application Instructions

Please forward your notice of award to our Assistant Director Rachel Arteaga.