Facilities at the Simpson Center

The Simpson Center has five spaces that may be requested: our seminar room, our new collaboration studio, our reading/reception room, our classroom, and the Communications lecture hall. You can browse through them using the navigation to the left.

Groups and projects funded may request space at any time. When dealing with scheduling conflicts, priority is given as follows:

  1. Simpson Center-sponsored projects and programs
  2. humanities, interdepartmental, and scholarly events
  3. other UW units

The Simpson Center avoids scheduling public events against one another in its spaces.

Submit your space request or download a copy of Simpson Center Facilities Use Guidelines to learn more about obtaining keys, food and beverage policies, and equipment requests.

Please note: Space requests are not booked until you receive confirmation from the Simpson Center.  Please allow 48 hours for response.

For additional information, contact the Simpson Center at 543-3920 or schadmin@uw.edu.



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