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About the Podcast The Simpson Center is excited announce the launch of Going Public, a podcast dedicated to exploring public scholarship and publicly-engaged teaching in the humanities. Since 2015, two successive Andrew W. Mellon funded grant initiatives under the name...Read More >
The Maple Cutter, an Unthinkable Films project led by filmmakers Lynn M. Thomas (History), Danny Hoffman (JSIS and CHID), and Michael Sanderson, has been accepted into three Washington State film festivals!Read More >
About the Call for Participants Imagining Trans Futures is continuing its writing group this year! This writing group is for University of Washington trans-identified alumni, faculty, staff, and grad students across the three campuses. Starting in November, the group will...Read More >
With the objective of making translation studies a more visible fixture of the UW undergraduate curriculum, the Translation Studies Hub is thrilled to announce a grant for the development of short (2-4 instructional hours) translation-focused modules for existing courses, which...Read More >
On August 5th and 6th, Purnima Dhavan (History) and Heidi Pauwels (Asian Languages and Literature) organized for the South Asia Center an advanced workshop in the scholarship of Classical Hindi and its associated vernaculars, captured in the term “Hindavī.” This...Read More >
The season for major fellowships from organizations such as the NEH, Guggenheim, and ACLS is here. The Simpson Center offers additional support for faculty awardees of major external fellowships. Learn more about the upcoming opportunities and consider applying for the...Read More >
The Simpson Center for the Humanities announces our Second Book Fellowship and Collaborative Project awards for 2022-2023 after receiving many strong proposals from University of Washington faculty and graduate students during our most recent spring funding round. Generally speaking, the...Read More >
In the spring of 2020, graduate student employees at the University of Washington (UW) sought to reimagine doctoral education. Negotiating terms for a new union contract, an overwhelming number of graduate students—ourselves among them—voted for the implementation of Individual Development...Read More >
Justin Randolph (History, Texas State University) has received an ACLS Fellowship for his research project, Mississippi Law: The Long Crisis of Policing and Reform in America’s Black Countryside, 1890 to 1980. As part of his fellowship, he plans to be...Read More >