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Writing Difference and Equity

Year of Funding: 
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The Writing Difference and Equity graduate research cluster supports graduate students across the humanities in developing productive and sustainable writing habits, in addressing the major barriers that PhD students face during the dissertation phase of their programs, and in articulating their research to broader audiences. The cluster is organized around the central theme of difference and equity in order to foster cross-disciplinarily engagement with students researching gender, race, sexuality, ability, class, nationality, and other facets of difference. Writing Difference and Equity specifically supports the next generation of scholars producing research dedicated to social justice and inclusion in humanistic contexts.

The cluster aims to develop and maintain writing routines, productive schedules, peer accountability, and strategies for combatting internal barriers to dissertation success. Participants also work to articulate their research to a broader audience by interacting with an interdisciplinary cohort of peers and by presenting our research through the Simpson Center and the Center for Communication, Difference & Equity at the UW. 

Primary Contacts

Jennifer McClearen (Communication)

Alma Khasawnih (Gender, Women & Sexuality)

Allen Baros (English)

Adaurennaya Onyewuenyi (Education)