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Xicana Living Pedagogies: Resistance, Testimonios, and Transformation

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Creating safe spaces for Xicanas in academia to gather and reflect while empowering one another through platica, cultural performance, and testimonio is an alterNative epistemology of ceremony as research and a resilient continuum of Indigenous scholarship from time immemorial. As carriers of embodied knowledge, our responsibility as both a cooperative and collaborative community is to enhance and promote codex creations (writing), critical reflection (dialogue), and sacred activism (action).

Our ongoing sessions will occur on the fourth full moon cycle (quarterly) in which knowledge will be reclaimed, revitalized, and reintegrated into a larger discourse of Xicana intellectual thought in education and sister disciplines. Community experts inclusive of (art)ivists, local residents, and academics will be invited to share their testimonies—palabra—through creative ways of storytelling. These cultural and scholarly events will be organized and integrated into a community calendar. Our vision is to cultivate and document this project of transformation, implementing indigenous media (print and cyber), to be passed and shared as a Xicana herstorical model of living pedagogy of resistance with the next generations of Xicana scholars at the University of Washington.

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Primary Contacts

Jessica Lozano (Anthropology)

Irene Sanchez (Education)

Claudia Serrato (Anthropology)

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