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Classics, Medieval, and Early Modern Studies

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Page from Medieval Latin text with an image of five men holding swords, bows and arrows, and an axe

The Classics, Medieval, and Early Modern Studies graduate research cluster (formerly the Medieval Studies graduate interest group) fosters collaboration between disciplines on topics concerning Classical and Late Antiquity, the Middle Ages, and the Early Modern period. The group brings together classicists, medievalists, and early modernists from diverse departments on campus and the community. Our public lectures and events are attended by undergraduates, graduates, and faculty from multiple departments as well as by community members interested in the literatures and cultures that flourished during these periods.

Recognizing that the period divisions that separate our disciplines are artificial, we believe that bringing these perspectives together on a regular basis enriches our understanding and work while revealing fruitful new avenues for collaboration and research. Additionally, the group serves as an advocate for the continued importance of pre-modern subjects at the University of Washington and in the Pacific Northwest.


Primary Contacts

Brian Hardison (English)

Emily George (English)

Ross Henderson (Asian Languages & Literature)

Jason Eckard (Drama)

Matthew Gorey (Classics) 

Matthew Poland (English)