Public Scholarship

The Simpson Center advances scholarship as a publicly engaged practice, promoting mutually beneficial partnerships between higher education and organizations in the public and private sectors and providing pathways for scholars to share their academic work with broader public audiences.

Reimagining the Humanities PhD and Reaching New Publics

This program forges innovative forms of scholarship and teaching beyond traditional academic circles. It has been supported by two consecutive grants from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.

Reimagining the PhD Blog

A forum on new approaches to graduate education, teaching, and scholarship.

Certificate in Public Scholarship 

This groundbreaking program provides graduate students an opportunity to integrate their scholarly and social commitments in the context of their intellectual and professional development.

Public Scholarship Course Archive

A collection of past, current, and future courses involving publicly-engaged teaching.

Katz Distinguished Lectures in the Humanities

This lecture series features leading thinkers such as Cathy N. Davidson, Doris Sommer, and Robin D. G. Kelley in events that are free and open to the public

Past and Ongoing Programs and Projects

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