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Inter-Asian Historiophoty

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Collage of photos taken at Shanghai Film Museum, Korea Film Archive, and Tokyo film Center, courtesy of Belinda He and Ungsan Kim.

The Inter-Asian Historiophoty graduate research cluster gathers diverse graduate students from different departments and academic programs to explore the historiophoty of Asia together. As Hayden White defines the term, historiophoty is the “representation of history and our thought about it in visual images and filmic discourse.” As inter-Asian cultural converations are most clearly recognizable in audio-visual media cultures, we discuss and explore recent scholarship at the intersection of history, culture, and media in Asia. Our common fields of inquiry include social and cultural historiophoties of Asia, film history and theory, aesthetics, moving images and pedagogy, and the changes within the contemporary global mediascapes. In 2018-2019, we pay particular attention to the boundary-breaking, border-crossing, and interdisciplinary approaches to Asian historiophoty as an effort to move beyond a dominant Euro-American theoretical framework.