José Francisco Robles is an Assistant Professor of Spanish at the University of Washington. He earned a B.A. in Hispanic Literature and an M.A. in Latin American Cultural Studies at the University of Chile, as well as a Ph.D. in Hispanic Literature at El Colegio de México in 2012.

My teaching and research interests center on Greek intellectual history (broadly understood), gender studies, and the reception of myth in contemporary mass culture (especially film and television).

Joel Alden Schlosser is a political theorist, and his research follows the late Sheldon Wolin (his teacher’s teacher) by seeking to make the history of political thought relevant to the present.

Sara Goering is Professor of Philosophy, Core Faculty for the Program on Ethics, and the Disability Studies Program. She is adjunct in the Department of Bioethics and Humanities. She co-leads the ethics thrust at the UW Center for Neurotechnology.

As a Mellon Fellow for Reaching New Publics in the Humanities, Janice spent much of 2015-16 at Seattle Central College, shadowing a mentor, William Harms, PhD, in teaching classes and developing a new course for two-year colleges, “Philosophy for Children.”

Paul Tubig was a 2018 Mellon Collaborative Fellow for Reaching New Publics, a 2021 Mellon Collaborative Fellow, and is currently an Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Georgia Southern University. 

Justin Lawson was a 2019 Mellon Collaborative Fellow for Reaching New Publics with S

Anna Bates was a 2020 Mellon Collaborative Fellow for Reaching New Publics with Erika

Ian is an Associate Teaching Professor and Director of Undergraduate Studies in the philosophy department. His current research interests include the philosophy of film and video games, epistemology, and pedagogy.

James is a design and human-computer interaction (HCI) researcher who examines technological interfaces between people, data, and environments. Drawing on diverse theoretical perspectives, he studies how interfaces mediate human action, perception, and social practices.

Gabrielle Benabdallah is a doctoral candidate in Human Centered Design & Engineering (HCDE) at the University of Washington in Seattle. Her work is at the intersection of systems research, interaction design, and philosophy.

Nathanael Elias Mengist is a doctoral student in Human Centered Design and Engineering at the University of Washington. Nat has a background in community gardening and nonprofit leadership.