Sarah Brucia Breitenfeld is a social historian of ancient Greece and Rome, investigating the stories of women, children, immigrants and enslaved people.

My teaching and research interests center on Greek intellectual history (broadly understood), gender studies, and the reception of myth in contemporary mass culture (especially film and television).

Adriana Vazquez joined the Classics Department at UCLA in 2017 after completing my Ph.D. at the University of Washington and my MA and BA in Classics at Stanford University (2010 and 2009, respectively).

I am broadly interested in Greek cultural and social history, with a particular focus on slavery.

Diana Molkova was a 2022-23 Society of Scholars Summer Dissertation Fellow.

Sarah Levin-Richardson explores ancient Roman slavery and sexuality at the intersection of material culture and social history, with a 2019 book on Pompeii’s brothel (The Brothel of Pompeii: Sex, Class, and Gender at the Margins of Roman Society), and a new monograph project called T