Latin America



Vanessa Freije is an Assistant Professor of International Studies. In 2015-2016, she was a postdoctoral fellow in the inaugural class of the Dartmouth College Society of Fellows.

José Francisco Robles is an Assistant Professor of Spanish at the University of Washington. He earned a B.A. in Hispanic Literature and an M.A. in Latin American Cultural Studies at the University of Chile, as well as a Ph.D. in Hispanic Literature at El Colegio de México in 2012.

María Elena García is a Professor in the Comparative History of Ideas at the University of Washington in Seattle. A Peruvian woman of Quechua ancestry, García received her PhD in Anthropology at Brown University and has been a Mellon Fellow at Wesleyan University and Tufts University.

Ileana M. Rodríguez-Silva is an associate professor of Latin American and Caribbean history at the University of Washington-Seattle. She graduated magna cum laude from the Universidad de Puerto Rico - Río Piedras with a B.A. in History. She holds an M.A.

Cricket Keating is an Associate Professor in the Gender, Women, & Sexuality Studies Department. Her research is in the areas of political theory, decolonial politics, popular education and critical pedagogy, queer politics, transnational feminist theory, and technofeminism.

José I. Fusté received his Ph.D. in Ethnic Studies from UC San Diego in 2012.

Sebastián López Vergara focuses on Latin American Cultural Studies and Indigenous Studies. He is interested in studying Indigenous politics in Latin America and the permanence and changes of colonialism.

Jennifer Smith was a 2018 Mellon Collaborative Fellow for Reaching New Publics. Her research examines economic development and diversification within the Muckleshoot Nation from the 1960s through the early 2000s.

Alina R. Méndez is a 2022-2023 Society of Scholars Fellow.

Leah Rubinsky is a 2022-2023 Society of Scholars Fellow and a 2022-2023 Digital Humanities Summer Fellow.

Jesús Hidalgo earned a PhD in Spanish in 2020. His research focuses on soccer, masculinities studies, and Latin American novels and films. He is currently the Graduate Program Advisor in the Jackson School of International Studies.