Identity and Culture



Daniel Bessner currently holds the Joff Hanauer Honors Professorship in Western Civilization at the University of Washington. He is a member of the Henry M. Jackson School of International Studies and was previously the Anne H.H. and Kenneth B.

Dr. Jade Power-Sotomayor engages embodied practices of remembering and creating community as a lens for theorizing performative constructions of Latinidad.

I am an Associate Professor of English at the University of Washington in Seattle. My scholarship is in African American Literary Studies of the twentieth and twenty first centuries.

Hope St. John is a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Anthropology studying photographic practice in contemporary Qingdao.

Ayda's research interests center around forced migration studies, critical humanitarian studies, and anthropology of religion. Ayda has currently finalized her field research in Gaziantep, Turkey.

Kaitlyn Boulding is a doctoral candidate in the department of Classics. Her dissertation research explores the relationships between craft, cosmological myth, festival cultures, the transmission of knowledge in Hesiod and Plato.

Katia Chaterji was a 2020 Mellon Collaborative Fellow for Reaching New Publics with Jess

Lise Lalonde's doctoral work in French Studies from the University of Washington focused on issues of equity and social justice, particularly on the role of race in the construction of French identity. 

Ariana Ochoa Camacho is a 2022-2023 Society of Scholars Fellow.

Julie Stoverink acts as the chief financial officer for the Simpson Center.  She works closely with the faculty Director, Simpson Center staff, and CAS administrative team to steward the Center’s diverse financial portfolio, including budget development, revenue forecasting, financia

Sarah Levin-Richardson explores ancient Roman slavery and sexuality at the intersection of material culture and social history, with a 2019 book on Pompeii’s brothel (The Brothel of Pompeii: Sex, Class, and Gender at the Margins of Roman Society), and a new monograph project called T