French & Italian Studies



Louisa Mackenzie grew up in Scotland and did their graduate work in Berkeley, California before moving to the UW in 2002. They have research interests in  early modern and contemporary French culture, ecocriticism, Animal Studies, and gender studies.

Richard Watts is associate professor in the Department of French and Italian Studies, affiliate faculty in Comparative History of Ideas, faculty director of Canadian Studies, and co-director of the

Geoffrey Turnovsky specializes in the literary and cultural history of early modern France and Europe, with an emphasis on print culture, early modern media, the profession of authorship, and on readers and publics in the 17th and 18th centuries.

Annie Fee is part of the Media Aesthetics research group at the University of Oslo, Department of Media and Communication. During her four-year postdoctoral research fellowship she will explore the historical emergence of photogénie as a film-theoretic discourse in 1920s France.

Pamela Pietrucci was a 2014-2015 Digital Humanities Summer Fellow. 

She is currently Assistant Professor of Communication at the University of Copenhagen.

Smith is an associate professor in the Department of French and Italian Studies at the University of Washington.

As the Administrative Assistant for the Simpson Center, Kalia supports the center’s operational integrity by managing the general occupation and maintenance of offices and event spaces; assisting the Administrator with fiscal processing; and facilitating internal and exter

Lise Lalonde's doctoral work in French Studies from the University of Washington focused on issues of equity and social justice, particularly on the role of race in the construction of French identity. 

Hannah Frydman is an assistant professor of French Studies at the University of Washington in Seattle. Her research and teaching focus on modern French cultural history, with an emphasis on gender, sexuality, media, labor, and capitalism.