Podcast: "Going Public"

About the Podcast

Welcome to Going Public: Reimagining the PhD, a podcast dedicated to exploring public scholarship and publicly engaged teaching in the humanities. The series is now in its second season, "Audio From the Archive." We invite you to peruse the Reimagining the Humanities archive, share these resources with colleagues, and subscribe to Going Public on your preferred platform, including: AppleSpotifyAmazon MusicCastboxiHeartRadioPocket CastsRadio Public, and StitcherTo receive notification when the podcast goes live and learn about related events, launch parties, and resources, subscribe to our weekly newsletter.

Season 2:

The Solomon Katz Distinguished Lectureship in the Humanities series was established in 1979 by private donors to the College of Arts & Sciences in Katz’s honor to recognize distinguished scholars in the humanities and to emphasize the role of the humanities in liberal education. The Katz Distinguished Lectures in the Humanities Series recognizes scholars in the humanities and emphasizes the role of the humanities in liberal education. The series is named after Solomon Katz, who served for 53 years at the UW, as an instructor, professor, Chair of the Department of History, Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, Provost, and Vice President for Academic Affairs. The episodes of Going Public season 2 consist of "Audio from the Archive" of past Katz Distinguished Lecturers. View the Season 2 schedule and peruse the episodes below. We invite you to adapt the lectures for classroom and research use.

Season 2 Show Credits: C. R. Grimmer (Producer and Audio Editing), Caitlin Palo (Introductions to Lecturers), Elliott Stevens (Audio Recording)

Season 1:

Since 2015, two successive Andrew W. Mellon Foundation funded grant initiatives under the name "Reimagining the Humanities PhD and Reaching New Publics" have supported public scholars at the University of Washington. The episodes of Going Public consist of interviews with Mellon-supported public scholars after they have launched their projects or taught their public-facing seminars. View the Season 1 schedule and peruse the episodes below. You are also invited to view and adapt the archive of sample graduate seminar syllabi and doctoral student projects.

Season 1 Show Credits: Annie Dwyer (Host and Co-Producer), Caleb Knapp (Co-Producer), Oliver Gordon (Sound Editing)

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