Ep. 6: Julian Barr, "Politics of Memory"

Podcast: "Going Public"
Digital Humanities and Queer Seattle
Julian Barr
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Air Date: January 1, 2023

In this episode of Going Public, Julian Barr (Geography) discusses the affordances and limits of various digital platforms, the ways in which the dissertation form might shift to integrate public scholarship, and how a walking tour can powerfully excavate gentrified spaces, subordinated knowledges, and competing memories through his project, “Pioneer Square and the Making of Queer Seattle." “Pioneer Square and the Making of Queer Seattle” is a public project that transforms a walking tour of the Pioneer Square neighborhood—originally created by The Northwest Lesbian and Gay History Museum Project (NWGLHMP)—into a digital project.

View Barr's project, "Pioneer Square and the Making of Queer Seattle."

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