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In the midst of a global pandemic, it can be tempting to forget that the oft-hailed return to “normal,” as Francis Eanes and Eleni Schirmer argue in their recent essay, would mean, in the context of higher education, the resumption...Read More >
In applying to the Mellon fellowship, which places teams of doctoral students in the humanities in mentoring relationships with community college faculty, the central question on my mind had to do with democratic values—how they can either be fostered or...Read More >
Denise Grollmus talks to Michael Goldberg, a doctoral candidate in Genome Sciences, about the Genomics Salon, how it hooked up with the makers of the documentary Unnatural Selection, as well as the group’s larger discussion about citizen scientists in the...Read More >
In solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement and the fight against systemic racism, anti-Blackness, and police brutality, the Simpson Center for the Humanities has compiled a list of videos, websites, articles, books, research clusters, and other resources from Simpson...Read More >
When I first encountered the concept of Guided Pathways in the community college context, it seemed familiar. As it was explained to me, Guided Pathways is a reform that aims to place students on a “pathway” of predetermined courses, instead...Read More >
As part of the Translation Studies Hub’s team-taught Translation Studies Across the Disciplines graduate seminar, Professor Brian Baer offered a talk titled “Current Trends in Translation Studies” on May 1st.Read More >
Welcome to Virtual Pedagogies, a regular series in which we ask UW faculty to share their experiences with a particular aspect of teaching online. While there have been a lot of resources that walk through the technicalities of remote teaching...Read More >
On May 15, Feminist Media Histories: An International Journal marked its move to the University of Washington with an online workshop on affect attended by more than 200 people from around the world. Initially designed as a two-day celebration of...Read More >
Denise Grollmus, Simpson Center Communications Manager, was recently awarded the Heilman Dissertation Prize, which recognizes the most distinguished dissertation in the Department of English annually.Read More >
In this first installment of the series Virtual Pedagogies, Simpson Center-affiliated scholars share what activities, approaches, and assignments they are using in their remote classrooms that they wouldn't have been able to use in traditional classrooms.Read More >
Associate Professor of Anthropology Radhika Govindrajan was recently awarded a 2020 ACLS Fellowship for her project, "More-Than-Human Democracy in Himalayan India." Govindrajan's project will explore the granting of legal personhood to bodies of water in India. From the ACLS website...Read More >
Denise Grollmus speaks with Eva Cherniavsky about how her work might help us think through the peril, politics, and possibilities of Covid-19.Read More >