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The transformations possible through the new bill demonstrate what this understanding of historical research can mean in practice.Read More >
"Global Literatures & Global Literacies: Teaching Texts, Old and New" is a symposium to advance thinking about the current and future teaching of literature, as well as a new literature major, at UW. It is also an opportunity for networking...Read More >
For many graduate students in the humanities, teaching is the primary way to secure funding and gain valuable experience for the competitive academic job market.Read More >
The Andrew W. Mellon Sawyer Seminar, "Humanitarianisms," launches its Spring events on April 1st. Author Sinan Antoon will discuss how material and discursive resources and energies are dedicated (insufficiently and unequally) to rescue the living from harm, and to tend...Read More >
The University of Washington’s Department of History, like the majority of History departments across the country, trains its graduate students as specialists in specific geographically-defined fields. For instance, we were admitted to the program not so much as “History” students...Read More >
Given the challenges faculty face in the pandemic, the Simpson Center will pilot support in two categories: First Book Fellowships and Faculty Summer Reading Groups. Through a pilot program of First Book Fellowships, we will offer funding for assistant professors...Read More >
Meshell Sturgis, Doctoral Candidate in the Department of Communication and 2019 Mellon Summer Fellow for Public Projects in the Humanities, was selected as a 2021 recipient for the prestigious K. Patricia Cross Future Leaders Award by AAC&URead More >
Judy Howard and Míċeál Vaughan both know that retiring from academia is a fraught enterprise: “While retirement is typically a life-changing event for almost everyone, for faculty especially it raises fundamental questions about what it means to be a professor...Read More >
Come join our tri-campus online writing group for trans faculty, staff, and graduate students who work across the University of Washington system as part of the Imagining Trans Futures crossdisciplinary research group, funded by the Simpson Center. Whether you’re working...Read More >
The Simpson Center for the Humanities is pleased to announce that Cristian Capotescu has joined the Mellon Sawyer Seminar on Humanitarianisms: Migrations and Care through the Global South as the postdoctoral fellow for 2020-21. Led by Arzoo Osanloo (Law, Societies...Read More >
This year's Katz line-up features three speakers whose lectures will focus on everything from prison abolition and the influence of Silicon Valley on American Politics to African filmmaking and aesthetics. Mark your calendars and join us online for these incredible...Read More >
This webinar—originally held on May 22, 2020—is geared towards doctoral students who are interested in applying for jobs at community colleges or other teaching-intensive institutions. Washington state community college faculty share their knowledge and expertise, communicating job search strategies gleaned...Read More >