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Denise Grollmus speaks with Eva Cherniavsky about how her work might help us think through the peril, politics, and possibilities of Covid-19.Read More >
South Seattle Community College (SSC) sits just north of the Riverside neighborhood in West Seattle. As a new Mellon Fellow for Reaching New Publics in Community Colleges, I rode my bike to SSC to attend Larry Cushnie’s American Government class...Read More >
Dr. Anu Taranath's (CHID and English) book Beyond Guilt Trips: Mindful Travel in an Unequal World was selected as a Finalist for both the Foreward INDIES Book of the Year Award and the UK's Wishing Shelf Book Awards.Read More >
Jennifer Dubrow, Associate Professor of Asian Languages and Literature, recently published her article, “Singing the Revolution: India’s Anti-CAA Protests and Faiz’s ‘Hum Dekhenge.'"Read More >
Sarah Levin-Richardson, Assistant Professor of Classics, was recently interviewed about her new book, The Brothel of Pompeii (Cambridge UP, 2019), in Notches, a peer-reviewed, collaborative and international history of sexuality blog that aims to get people inside and outside the...Read More >
Shortly after we closed the Simpson Center’s physical offices and moved to working remotely, I packed up all my library books into wine boxes and lugged them into the trunk of my car. Parked in front of my apartment building...Read More >
For Storytellers for Change and #UseYourWords, story is an integral part not only of self-composition but also of world-composition. Telling stories helps to envision a world that can, to use Aylward’s words, account for “the depths of others.”Read More >
In Time’s recent special issue on the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr.—which coincided with the opening of the immersive virtual exhibit The March—Haley Professor of Humanities (UW Tacoma) Michael Honey contributed an article titled “What Happened to Martin Luther...Read More >
Congratulations to Christian M. Anderson, an Associate Professor in the School of Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences at UW Bothell, whose book, Urbanism without Guarantees: The Everyday Life of a Gentrifying West Side Neighborhood, was recently published by The University of...Read More >
If we are firmly committed to reimagining what the PhD can look like (and I, at least, am), it’s important to adjust our training for and recognition of non-traditional avenues for scholarship (including publication venues and presentation opportunities). We must...Read More >
In this time of upheaval and vulnerability, the Simpson Center is committed to fulfilling its mission of fostering crossdisciplinary exchange and building intellectual communities across the UW and beyond, while also working to secure much-needed resources for our faculty, students...Read More >
Observing classes at Seattle Central has given me a more concrete sense of how this kind of student-centered pedagogy can work in practice, particularly under space and time constraints that closely resemble those of the quiz sections I teach.Read More >