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Eighteenth and Nineteenth Century

Year of Funding: 
Drawings of Victorian fashion trends throughout the 1800s

The Eighteenth and Nineteenth Century graduate research cluster brings together graduate students from English, Art History, Comparative Literature, Cinema & Media, French & Italian Studies, and other departments who research various aspects of the global middle-modernity period. We take pride in being a welcoming, supportive environment and look forward to building further cross-disciplinary ties in the upcoming year. We host a variety of social, intellectual, professional, and public-engagement events, including reading meetings, mock job talks, works-in-progress meetings, and internal and external speakers. We will also organize a cross-disciplinary graduate student symposium, sponsor a Book Traces day, and support JaneFest: A 200th Anniversary Celebration of Jane Austen’s Life and Work. We would love to have anyone who works on or has an interest in the long eighteenth or nineteenth centuries, Enlightenment, Romantic, or Victorian studies join us!


Primary Contacts

Sarah Faulkner (English)

Anna Wager (Art History)

Matt Poland (English)

Hee Eun Lee (Comparative Literature, Cinema & Media)

Dantzel Cenatiempo (French & Italian Studies)