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As a kid living in South Seattle and the Central District, my first encounter with North Seattle was through my years at Green Lake Elementary and Hamilton Middle School. The bus would arrive at the crack of dawn, honk (if...Read More >
ethan ucker (English) has received a 2019 Humanities Without Walls Fellowship, one of 30 doctoral students selected nationwide. Humanities Without Walls is a consortium that links the humanities centers at 15 research universities in the Midwest and beyond to create...Read More >
The Walter Chapin Simpson Center for the Humanities invites nominations of University of Washington faculty members for the Barclay Simpson Prize for Scholarship in Public. Nominations Due Friday, February 15, 2019.Read More >
The fall 2018 Special Issue of the Western Humanities Review, on the theme of “humanities in the community,” is now available, and inside, you can find Annie Dwyer’s most recent publication, “The Humanities Doctoral Student in the Community."Read More >
The Seattle Civil Rights & Labor History Project currently records slightly more than 31,000 page views every month, 372,000 in the past year. And now, thanks to a new, mobile-friendly design, pages are more readable and can be scaled to...Read More >
The term “alt-ac” was coined by Jason Rhody in conversation with Bethany Nowviskie in 2009 and has circulated since then in discussions about doctoral education and career diversity. It began as a way to describe and honor the often marginalized...Read More >
As a former community college transfer and non-traditional student, the transition to university life proved jarring. While not all students at community colleges aspire to transfer to a four-year institution, others who do transfer must negotiate what some describe as...Read More >
What kind of academic should I be? This is one of the central questions that is shaping my early experiences as a 2018-2019 Mellon Fellow for Reaching New Publics.Read More >
Cultural change in academia often happens at a glacial rate, even as the evisceration of supports for higher education seems to proceed apace. But at the outset of the fourth year of the Mellon initiative, I’ve had a number of...Read More >
Phillip Thurtle (History and Comparative History of Ideas) has a new book on the role of visual grids in the history of biology, with startling implications that fan outward into matters as fundamental as desire, our understanding of our bodies...Read More >
Rachel Lanier Taylor, a UW doctoral candidate in history, has developed a series of publications for the Society for History in the Federal Government to connect its work to public audiences. Taylor has worked as an intern for the society...Read More >
Lauren S. Berliner and Ron Krabill (both Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences, UW Bothell) have co-edited a new book that examines practices that integrate participatory technology with feminist approaches.Read More >