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The Studies in the History of the English Language (SHEL) meeting returns to the University of Washington campus for the first time in 20 years. SHEL has been meeting biennially for two decades; it is the preeminent gathering in North...Read More >
The Graduate Research Clusters (GRCs) here at the Simpson Center have a variety of exciting events, meet and greets, and calls for papers in Fall 2021. The range of topics and forms promises to set up the full year for...Read More >
Washington State promises high school students who chose to enroll in community colleges as part of its popular Running Start program a “true college experience.” According to the program’s fact sheet, issued by the State Board for Community and Technical...Read More >
We are excited to invite new and returning participants to our writing group for trans scholars at UW! Come join our tri-campus online writing group for trans faculty, staff, and graduate students who work across the University of Washington system...Read More >
As former English instructors in overseas contexts ranging from Indonesia to Kazakhstan, both of us have cultivated experiences working with multilingual students who want to leverage their diverse linguistic repertoires to engage new publics. This shared investment has motivated our...Read More >
Mellon Fellows chat with two Shoreline Community College international students about being part of the school's groundbreaking #youarwelcomehere scholarship program.Read More >
As one of the Mellon Fellows for Reaching New Publics, I’ve been researching the experience of UW graduate students in the humanities who chose to teach at two-year institutions during their graduate studies. My fellow cohort member, Joe Wilson, has...Read More >
A few years ago, dance scholar Dr. Ratna Roy (Ratna mashi, as I called her in dance practice) told me that she was co-teaching a class with a brain scientist at Evergreen College, and I swallowed my gulp of water...Read More >
James Tweedie (Professor, Cinema & Media Studies) has received a Guggenheim Fellowship for his work on artificial settings designed and constructed in the classical Hollywood studios.Read More >
Choosing to transfer along whatever pathway, though, appears to be the easiest part of transferring to the University of Washington. Indeed, all of the transfer students I interviewed reported some degree of confusion about at least one aspect of the...Read More >
The Simpson Center for the Humanities announces our fellowship awards for 2021-2022 after receiving many strong proposals from University of Washington faculty and graduate students during our most recent fall funding round. We expect to make an announcement about our...Read More >
Art at the Borders' next guest, Patricia Alvarez Astacio (Brandeis University) will be offering two events open to the public. The first is a screening & discussion, and the second a visual Anthropology workshop. Read more about these upcoming events...Read More >