Announcing the Spring 2022 Funding Round Recipients

Row of Empty Simpson Center Conference Chairs



Congratulations to our award recipients and our warm thanks to all who applied.

The Simpson Center for the Humanities announces our Second Book Fellowship and Collaborative Project awards for 2022-2023 after receiving many strong proposals from University of Washington faculty and graduate students during our most recent spring funding round.

Generally speaking, the Simpson Center Executive Board makes awards decisions twice during each academic year. During the spring funding round, the Simpson Center welcomes proposals for collaborative projects and graduate research clusters. Check back for announcements on upcoming funding round dates, instructions, and deadlines.

Congratulations to our award recipients and our warm thanks to all who applied. 


Second Book Fellowships

Adair Rounthwaite (Art + Art History + Design)
This Is Not My World: Art and Public Space in Socialist Zagreb

Kathryn Bunn-Marcuse (Art + Art History + Design)
Ka̱ns Hiłile, (Making it Right)A Collaborative Reframing of Kwakiutl Film and Audio Recordings with Franz Boas Published by Ravenspace (UBC and UW Press Initiative)

Ping Wang (Asian Languages & Literature)
Nature Re-configured: Early Medieval Chinese Literary Culture and the Least Read Major Poet, Xie Lingyun (385-433)

Davinder L. Bhowmik (Asian Languages & Literature)
Off Base: The Rhetoric of Peace in Japan's Military Basetown Literature

Jennifer Bean (Cinema & Media Studies)
Junking Modernity: Early Cinema, Globalization, and the Question of History

Stephen Groening (Cinema & Media Studies)
Television and Collectivity

Alexander Hollmann (Classics)
Magica Levantina

Jesse Oak Taylor (English)
The Unquiet Earth: Intimations of the Anthropocene in the Age of Darwin

Jeffrey Knight (English)
Shakespeare on the Page

Amanda Swarr (Gender, Women & Sexuality Studies)
Envisioning African Intersex: Challenging Colonial Legacies in South African Medicine

Christine (Cricket) Keating (Gender, Women & Sexuality Studies)
Educating for Coalition: Popular Education and Political Praxis

Barbara Henry (Slavic Languages & Literatures)
Tales from the Russian Underworld

Collaborative Projects

Jason Groves (German), Olivia Gunn (Scandinavian), Maya Smith (French & Italian), & Kye Terrasi (German)
Colloquium on Transcultural Approaches to Europe

Kathryn Bunn-Marcuse (Art + Art History + Design)
A Curatorial Colloquium on the Reinstallation of Permanent Galleries of Native American Art: Working with Artists and Communities

Josh Reid (History and American Indian Studies)
Indigenous Borderlands in North America: Borders, Crossings, Histories, and Futures

Jasmine Mahmoud (Drama)
Research Cluster on Minoritarian Performance

Ching-In Chen (Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences, Bothell) & Neil Simpkins (Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences, Bothell)
Imagining Trans Futures

Nancy Bou Ayash (English), Aria Fani (Middle Eastern Languages & Cultures), & Sasha Senderovich (Slavic and the Jackson School of International Studies)
Institutionalizing Undergraduate Translation Curricula

Tony Lucero (Jackson School of International Studies)
Horizons of Harm and Repair: The Stories of Manzanar, Diverted

Adam Warren (History)
Troubling Encounters in the History of the Human Sciences: Latin America and the United States Empire, 1870s-2000s

Faculty Summer Reading Groups

Heidi Pauwels (Asian Languages & Literature)
Ancient Epics for the Modern World

Bianca Dang (History)
The Paths and Strategies Toward Alternative Futures: Refusals of and Resistance to Racialization and Anti-Blackness in the U.S.

Charles LaPorte (English)
Historical Poetry and Poetics

Mal Ahern (Cinema & Media Studies)
Visual Culture Now: Vision, Materiality, Embodiment

Graduate Research Clusters

Nicole Block (Art + Art History + Design)
Dismantling the Canon

Ananya Sikand (Art + Art History + Design)
Feminist Writing

Lauryn Hanley (Classics)
Textile Studies

Meshell Sturgis (Communication)

Amna Farooqi (Drama)
Critical Performance

Nikita Willeford Kastrinos (English)
Eighteenth and Nineteenth Century Studies

Kathleen Escarcha (English)
Transnational Filipinx Diaspora Studies

Michelle Noyes (Genome Sciences)
Genomics Salon

Soohyung Hur (Geography)
Constellation of Asian Racialization 

Brendan McElmeel (History)
The Study of Emotions

Erika Versalovic (Philosophy)
Critical Humanities in Medical Education (CHIME)

Connor Gilroy (Sociology)
Gender and Sexuality