Digital Humanities Partnerships

Partnerships—both external and internal to the University of Washington--have been crucial to the development of digital humanities at the UW. The Simpson Center has strong ties with the University of Victoria’s renowned Digital Humanities Summer Institute and with HASTAC (Humanities, Arts, Sciences, and Technology Alliance and Collaboratory), as well as with the UW Graduate Certificate in Textual and Digital Studies, and the minor in Textual Studies and Digital Humanities. Learn more below about our partnerships with the UW Open Scholarship Commons and Humaniites Data Lab below.

The Humanities Data Lab

The Humanities Data Lab is one of our crucial partners in innovating Digital Humanities scholarship at The University of Washington. It is an interdisciplinary hub for digitally-centered scholarship and data-driven projects focused on humanistic topics. In addition to the OSC, and throughout your Digital Humanitie projects, we strongly recommend that you peruse the resources and schedule a consultation if you are applying for, hold, or are interested in a Digital Humanities Summer Fellowship.

In addition, The Humanities Data Lab practices a critical approach to data studies is committed to supporting projects which analyze, create, and evaluate data from antiracist, decolonial, and feminist perspectives.

Key Humanities Data Lab Resources

Working Sessions/Consultations*

Resource List

  • Funding
  • Cross-Campus Resource List (with access instructions)

Key Humanities Data Lab Personnel

  • Anna Preus (English)
  • Naomi Alterman (eScience Institute)
  • Elliott Stevens (UW Libraries)
  • Melanie Walsh (Information School)

*Events, workshops, and opportunities are cross-promoted in the Simpson Center newsletter. For updates on days, times, and locations, subscribe to the Simpson Newsletter and email to be added to their listserv.

The Open Scholarship Commons (OSC)

Crucial is our partnership with the Open Scholarship Commons at the UW Libraries providing skills-building workshops and showcases for digital projects in the humanities. If you are applying for, hold, or are interested in a Digital Humanities Summer Fellowship, we strongly recommend that you peruse the resources and schedule a consultation. 

The OSC is a one-stop-shop for knowledge creation services and support. In this virtual (for now) space, researchers, instructors, and students can connect with UW Libraries and campus experts to do technology-intensive work across disciplinary boundaries.

Below, we have curated key resources, events, and supporting staff for faculty and graduate students interested in or part of the Digital Humanities Summer Fellowship program. We strongly recommend viewing the full OSC website and scheduling a consultation about your project before applying for a Digital Humanities Summer Fellowship. For inspiration from past and present projects that have utilized OSC resources, visit the Featured Projects page on the OSC website. You can also preview the plans for the new OSC space and support services in their "Coming Soon..." video:

Key OSC and UW Libraries Personnel

Key OSC Resources

ArcGIS StoryMaps

  • Consultations
  • Online Workshop

Media Production

  • Guides and Tutorials
  • Online Workshops
  • Recording Studio


  • UW Libraries Policies and Practices
  • Hosting Platforms (Omeka, Scalar, Wordpress, and Manifold)
  • Pressbooks
  • CONTENTdm Support
  • Consultations

Hosting Platforms (ArcGIS StoryMaps, Manifold, Omeka, Wordpress, ResearchWorks, Pressbooks)*

  • Virtual Drop-In Office Hours
  • Virtual or Phone Consultation
  • Workshops

Open Education and Open Pedagogy (Open Education Resources, or OER)

  • Consultations
  • Recommend OER Search Tools
  • OER Platform Training and Support

Scholarly Publishing and Copyright

  • Consultations
  • Workshops
  • Understanding Copyright and Fair Use Basics
  • Understanding and Selecting Reputable Publishers
  • Understanding Publishing Contracts
  • Public Scholarship Best Practices


Elliott Steevns, Gautam Malyala, and Perry Yee at UW Libraries offer the Storytelling Fellows program, a series of workshops designed to teach the technical and rhetorical strategies required to develop an effective podcast. Preview the syllabus, learn how to participate, and review the resource compendium on the Storytelling Fellows Podcasting Website


The OSC hosts ongoing workshops and self-taught courses. You can view and subscribe to their calendar to receive updates on their offerings. We also feature one-day OSC workshops on the Simpson Center Calendar and in our weekly newsletter.

*We especially recommend that prospective and current Digital Humanities Summer Fellows visit OSC drop-in office hours or schedule a consultation before deciding on a platform for a proposed or current project.