Let’s Talk Pop Health: “Unmaking the Bomb” with Shannon Cram

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In this talk, Dr. Shannon Cram explores the entangled challenges of waste, illness, and remediation at Washington State’s Hanford Nuclear Reservation. Home to the majority of the nation’s high-level nuclear waste and its largest environmental cleanup, Hanford is tasked with managing toxic materials that will long outlast the United States and its regulatory policies. Dr. Cram uses a critical ethnographic approach to examine the embodied uncertainties and structural impossibilities integral to that effort. In the process, she considers what it means to reckon with an increasingly contaminated world and how particular ways of knowing and regulating toxicity condition our very definitions of health, safety, and security. Register to attend "Unmaking the Bomb"

Shannon Cram (School of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences, UW Bothell) coordinates the Science, Technology, and Society program. Her essays have appeared in Environmental Humanities, Public Culture, Environment and Planning D, Fugue, and elsewhere. Her current book project, Unmaking the Bomb: Environmental Cleanup and the Politics of Impossibility, explores the embodied, multi-millennial challenges of remediation at Washington State’s Hanford Nuclear Reservation. She represents the University of Washington on the Hanford Advisory Board.

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