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Please note: The Communications Building is currently undergoing seismic updates, and we cannot predict if the noise level will interfere with your event. 

Our space is for you, the University of Washington campus community. We make our meeting spaces available free of charge for activities that contribute to the intellectual life of the university.

First priority goes to Simpson Center projects and activities, second to other scholarly groups related to the humanities, broadly envisioned. When space is available, we welcome other UW and community groups, including reading groups, workshops, seminars, dissertation defenses, and departmental retreats. We ask that you follow our guidelines and leave the space as you found it.

Learn about our rooms below and submit a request through our space request form. If you’d like, call us first at 206.543.3920 to see if your dates are available. Not sure if you’re eligible? Please ask.

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Our Spaces

  1. Lecture hall (Communications Building room 120) - Available at 3:30 pm M-F, all day Sat/Sun
  2. Seminar room (Communications 202)
  3. Reading/reception room (Communications 204)
  4. Collaboration studio (Communications 218D)
  5. Classroom (Communications 226) - Available at 3:30 pm M-F, all day Sat/Sun

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Other Services

  1. To request to be listed in our web calendar and weekly newsletter, submit your event information.
  2. See our funding and co-sponsorship information.
  3. We do not typically provide A/V support, staffing, or planning assistance for unaffiliated events.

For additional information, contact the Simpson Center at (206) 543-3920 or

On very rare occasions, we must release reservations in favor of events we are sponsoring or hosting. We will make every effort to help with rescheduling.

By submitting this request, you agree to follow all Simpson Center facility policies and UW food, alcohol, and space-use policies.

Only request multiple rooms if using them conjointly for the same event. Add details to "Comments" later in this form as necessary, or submit multiple requests.
Please note: we are not accepting reservations for AY 2019-2020 until the start of Fall Quarter, September 25, 2019, and then only for Fall and Winter Quarter. We will accept reservations for Spring and Summer Quarter on January 1, 2020.
The time your group or caterers will need access to the space.
End of your event. Please plan to clean up and return the space to its original condition within half an hour of the end of your event.
Please give a title and brief description of your event. If you are having a guest speaker, please provide the speaker's name.
The number should not exceed room capacities.
For example: projector or DVD player. Although we strive to provide assistance, not all equipment is available for all rooms and we cannot provide A/V support for groups unaffiliated with Simpson Center projects.
If yes, please review the guidelines attached to your confirmation email.
Example: underwater basket-weaving graduate students and faculty
An on-site contact is recommended but not required
Please let us know anything not addressed above.
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