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Scale and Value: New and Digital Approaches to Literary History

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Conference dates: May 15-16, 2015

The rise of digital humanities has provoked considerable excitement and debate among literary scholars. Entirely new objects of literary study have emerged, on much larger or smaller scales than scholars are accustomed to: from massive databases of digitized books down to micro-level textual and forensic features of a single manuscript page. But with these opportunities to approach literature on a different scale come important questions of value. Potential objects of literary study might matter differently, for aesthetic or ethical reasons; new scales of analysis might, conversely, shed new light on the social history of literary valuation.

This conference and the ensuing publication in Modern Language Quarterly will present work by leading scholars, using a range of quantitative or qualitative methods, to clarify the relationship between literary scale and value and yield new insights into the literary history of the last three centuries. 

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Image: Alicia Martin, Biografias, Madrid 2005 / Solent News.

Primary Contacts

Marshall Brown (Comparative Literature)

Jessica Campbell (Modern Language Quarterly)