The cover of Grandmothering while Black is blue with a painting of a Black woman surrounded by children.

Grandmothering While Black: A Twenty-First-Century Story of Love, Coercion, and Survival

LaShawnDa L. Pittman (American Ethnic Studies)

In Grandmothering While Black (UC, 2023), sociologist LaShawnDa L. Pittman explores the complex lives of Black grandmothers raising their grandchildren in skipped-generation households (consisting only of grandparents and grandchildren). She prioritizes the voices of Black grandmothers through in-depth interviews and ethnographic research at various sites—doctor's visits, welfare offices, school and day care center appointments, caseworker meetings, and more. Through careful examination, she explores the various forces that compel, constrain, and support Black grandmothers' caregiving. 

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