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29th Formal Approaches to Slavic Linguistics Annual Meeting

Year of Funding: 

The existence of FASL annual meetings is important to the field of linguistics and the Humanities as a whole. While there are other conferences that look at Slavic languages from a more general perspective (Slavic Linguistic Society annual meetings, which we hosted in 2014), specific languages or language groups (Bulgarian Studies, Balkan and South Slavic), covering Slavic literature/history/area studies (American Association of Teachers of Slavic and East European Languages), FASL is unique in its focus on the theoretical approaches to the study of Slavic languages.

Primary Contacts

Gašper Beguš (Assistant Professor, Phonology Lab Director, Linguistics)

Bojan Belić (Principal Lecturer, Slavic Languages and Literatures)

Barbara Citko (Professor, Linguistics)

Kat Dziwirek (Professor and Chair, Languages and Literatures)