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The season for major fellowships from organizations such as the NEH, Guggenheim, and ACLS is here. The Simpson Center offers additional support for faculty awardees of major external fellowships. Learn more about the upcoming opportunities and consider applying for the...Read More >
The Simpson Center for the Humanities announces our Second Book Fellowship and Collaborative Project awards for 2022-2023 after receiving many strong proposals from University of Washington faculty and graduate students during our most recent spring funding round. Generally speaking, the...Read More >
In the spring of 2020, graduate student employees at the University of Washington (UW) sought to reimagine doctoral education. Negotiating terms for a new union contract, an overwhelming number of graduate students—ourselves among them—voted for the implementation of Individual Development...Read More >
Justin Randolph (History, Texas State University) has received an ACLS Fellowship for his research project, Mississippi Law: The Long Crisis of Policing and Reform in America’s Black Countryside, 1890 to 1980. As part of his fellowship, he plans to be...Read More >
Three faculty members will receive a $1000 research fund to work on their syllabus during the 2022-2023 Academic Year. This call enthusiastically encourages all humanities and humanistic social sciences colleagues interested in designing a thematically focused course on translation to...Read More >
Retirement for faculty raises fundamental questions about what it means to be a professor and how one’s identity and purpose are defined by more than the specific demands of a ‘job’. The purpose of this seminar is to provide faculty...Read More >
About the Conference Does the modern office floor plan of the skyscrapers redefine the division of labor? Does the thermostat in a documents archive secretly manipulate what we can read? We have little doubt in that Google shapes how we...Read More >
The Graduate Students of Art History (GSAH), who also run the Graduate Research Cluster, "Dismantling the Canon" at the Simpson Cetner, are pleased to invite you to the two-day virtual symposium “Dismantling the Body: Possibilities and Limitations in Art Making”...Read More >
To continue fostering public engagement opportunities through the Reimagining the Humanities PhD grant, generously supported by The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, the Simpson Center is pleased to fund a limited number of UW doctoral students to attend the Los Angeles...Read More >