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The Simpson Center provides financial and administrative support for graduate students to pursue crossdisciplinary research, teaching, and engagement projects in the humanities and humanistic social sciences. The ACLS offers a useful description of these areas of study: "the humanities and humanistic social sciences are fundamentally acts of investigation and reflection about different cultures, texts, and artifacts across space and time. Humanists study the diverse means by which human beings in every age and culture explore, understand, and change their world."

We support a wide range of activities, including fellowships and graduate research clusters.

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Spring 2022 Funding Round

For funding term -
Applications open: Applications due:
Application Instructions
  1. Bundle your proposal into a single PDF. Name your file "[Your last name]-[Project Title]."
  2. Complete the proposal information form. You will be prompted to upload your proposal at the end of the form.
  3. If your proposal requires a letter of support, request that the letter be sent to the Simpson Center directly at

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We encourage applicants to meet with us before submitting a proposal. To schedule a meeting, contact Assistant Director Rachel Arteaga.


The Simpson Center administers two funding rounds per year, in Fall and Spring Quarters. Both fall and spring rounds support the same funding term, July through June of the following year. Grant applications are reviewed and selected for support by the Simpson Center Executive Board. Proposed projects should be led by UW faculty and/or graduate students, require $1,000 or more in funding, and be planned for the subsequent academic year.

Applications for fellowship opportunities are accepted only in the Fall, while applications for Graduate Research Clusters are accepted only in the Spring. 

Fellowships (Fall Only)

Digital Humanities Summer Fellowship - supports UW doctoral students whose projects use digital technologies in innovative and intensive ways and/or explore the historical, social, aesthetic, and cross-cultural implications of digital cultures. We have expanded our call for proposals to also include projects focused on digital humanities pedagogy.

Society of Scholars Fellowship - The Society of Scholars is an intellectual community in which eight faculty and three doctoral candidates from across disciplines in the humanities and interpretive social sciences contribute to and learn from one another’s work in bi-weekly meetings throughout the academic year.

Summer Society of Scholars Fellowship - The Summer Society of Scholars is an intellectual community in which a small group of doctoral candidates from across disciplines in the humanities and interpretive social sciences contribute to and learn from one another’s work in weekly meetings throughout the summer term. Applications for this fellowship are reviewed through the same process, and on the same timeline, as the Society of Scholars Graduate Fellowship in the fall.

Barclay Simpson Scholars in Public - supports doctoral students in the humanities, broadly speaking, to pursue public-facing projects in their areas of study and practice. Collaborative projects are encouraged. Recipients of this fellowship will each receive a stipend of $6,000. 

Graduate Research Clusters (Spring Only)

Graduate Research Clusters (formerly Graduate Interest Groups) foster crossdisciplinary collaboration and inquiry among graduate students in the form of cross-departmental reading, screening, and/or discussion groups, dissertation working groups, and other activities. Research clusters may organize activities that draw on local intellectual and cultural resources, including faculty and community leaders.

Terms of Award

Funding is limited to $1,000, primarily intended to support meeting or workshop costs (e.g. refreshments or reproductions).

The Simpson Center will provide a web presence for the project, an archive for significant activities and documents generated by the group, and scheduling privileges for Simpson Center space.

Research clusters may use a portion of their funds to co-sponsor a visiting speaker organized by another campus unit or the Simpson Center, or to organize a specific activity in coordination with such a visit. Clusters are not intended to a support visiting speakers on their own resources alone.

Application Materials

  • Proposal Narrative (maximum five pages) should address:
    1. the focus of inquiry and its significance
    2. activities to be funded
    3. participating persons
    4. outreach plans, as applicable
  • Budget should outline anticipated expenses.
  • C.V. (limited to five pages) for the primary project liaison only. Others participants may be represented in short bios.

See examples of Graduate Research Clusters.