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Visualizations and Dialogues in Art and Biophysics

Year of Funding: 
Microscopic image of umbilical cells

Rebecca Cummins (Art) and Linda Wordeman (Physiology & Biophysics) embark on a transdisciplinary dialogue related to the intersections of art and biophysics. In Wordeman’s lab, microscopic techniques result in quantitative live imaging utilized to explore the role of microtubule dynamics in chromosomal development during cell division. This research is used in developing therapeutic interventions for cancer treatment. Cummins has long been inspired by the history of science and scientific instruments. Her artistic works reference the complex interactions among technology, culture, and the physical universe. She works in a range of media that has included photography, installation, performance, sculpture, and interactivity in gallery and public art contexts, often involving collaboration with other artists and scientists.

Through microscopic imaging in the Wordeman Laboratory and ongoing dialogue, Cummins and Wordeman will investigate the artistic possibilities of contemporary scientific imaging and related issues. In addition to their direct scientific research application, they consider the conceptual, cultural, and aesthetic potential for high-resolution microscopic techniques developed for medical research, including 3D imaging and time-lapse sequencing.


Primary Contacts

Rebecca Cummins (Art)

Linda Wordeman (Physiology & Biophysics)