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Queer + Public + Performance

Queer + Public + Performance

Year of Funding: 

Queer + Public + Performance engaged the intersection of queer scholarship, performance, art, and technologies to mobilize queer and allied scholars, teachers, artists, and activists in cross-disciplinary, cross-platform public cultural and intellectual work. 2009-2010 focused specifically on queer practices, projects, and lived experiences situated on the peripheries of official publics and explore how these counterpublics are constituted and complicated by changes (both conservative and transgressive) in regional and global political, economic, academic, and cultural interchanges.

Organizers and Collaborators

  • Jason Morse (English)
  • Ed Chang (English)
  • Joshua Heim (Cultural Studies)
  • Anne Dwyer (English)
  • Lindsay Russell (English)
  • Jessica Johnson (Anthropology)