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Feminist Media Histories Workshop

Year of Funding: 
Feminist Media Histories

Spring TBD

The workshop we are proposing will take place on the UW Seattle campus in spring 2019 over the course of two days. It will include 6 speakers and incorporate a 25-person workshop with breakout sessions meant to facilitate the writing of articles that will make up the first UW-hosted issue of Feminist Media Histories. We purposefully bring together feminist and queer media historians working in different sub-fields to promote a dynamic exchange. While scholars working on Afro-futurism (Keeling), queer world making (Young), digital democracies (Chun; Nakamura), media activism (Juhasz), counter-archives (Ahmad; Mukherjee; Hennefeld), or the televisual everyday (Spigel), consider radically diverse media objects, they each bring a powerful perspective to bear on the question organizing this event: how can we understand the relationships between natural, political, cultural, fictional, cinematic, archival, televisual, and virtual worlds, and why does this matter?

Primary Contacts

Jennifer Bean (Associate Professor, Comparative Literature, Cinema & Media)