American Sabor

American Sabor: Latinos and Latinas in US Popular Music

Marison Berríos-Miranda (Music), Shannon Dudley (Music), and Michelle Habell-Pallán (Gwss)

The collaboration that led to the publication of American Sabor (Washington, 2017) has extensive Simpson Center connections, beginning with a funding award in 2011 that supported the writing and publication of American Sabor, as well as a traveling museum exhibit by the same name. Former Simpson Center Associate Director Miriam Bartha consulted with the project leaders on bridging the worlds of academic scholarship, museum exhibitions, and community partners such as KEXP. Habell-Pallán also received the 2017 Barclay Simpson Prize for Scholarship in Public for her contributions to the field, including American Sabor. Habell-Pallán is also Director of the Certificate in Public Scholarship, which is located in the Center for Communication, Difference, and Equity at the University of Washington and is supported by the UW Graduate School and the Simpson Center for the Humanities.

You can read more about American Sabor on the publisher’s website.