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The Simpson Center administers two funding rounds per year, in Fall and Spring Quarters. Both fall and spring rounds support funding for the following year. Currently, we are accepting proposals for themed faculty summer fellowships, through a special funding round.

Current and Upcoming Opportunities

Special Funding: Open January 10, 2024 | Due March 1, 2024
Spring Funding: Open March 5, 2024 | Due April 5, 2024

The next fall funding round opens in October 2024 and closes in November 2024

Colloquia and Conferences

Applications accepted for both fall and spring funding rounds.


Proposals must be submitted and led by a UW tenure-track faculty member (all ranks). Teaching professors at all ranks and graduate students may participate on conference organizing committees but may not serve as primary organizers. For more information, please contact the Simpson Center.


Funding supports crossdisciplinary and interdisciplinary symposia, colloquia, and conferences of various scales (working conferences, international research conferences, etc.)Topics should be of interest to scholars across two or more disciplines. Interdepartmental organization and support encouraged. Incorporation of a humanities seminar or course—in particular at the graduate level—to precede or coincide with conferences or colloquia is also valued.

Meetings of a regional, national, or international scholarly association at the UW will be considered but are not a first priority for funding. The Simpson Center is not equipped to administer such large-scale gatherings; proposals should indicate significant support and commitment from other sources.

Terms of Award

Awards of financial and administrative support vary according to requests and needs. Typically requests and awards range between $6,000 and $15,000. Additionally, a research budget in the amount of $1,500 may be awarded to the principal investigator when substantial organizational work or extra teaching is required. Including plans for a humanities seminar or course—in particular at the graduate level—to precede or coincide with conferences or colloquia is also valued.   

Meeting Before Applying

We recommend that those applying for conference funding consult with the Simpson Center in advance of the application deadline.

Application Instructions

Complete the Application Form. Upload to the form as a single, bundled .pdf the below materials:

      • Proposal Narratives. Limited to 8 pages. Proposal narratives should address:
        1. The significance of the subject of the conference or colloquium series
        2. Activities to be funded (including when and where they will take place)
        3. Participating persons or organizations (if professional organizations or other units are involved, specify the administrative support they will provide)
        4. Audience and promotion/outreach plans
        5. Anticipated results (e.g., publication)
      • CV. Include organizer(s) curriculum vita(e). Limit five pages per organizer.
      • Budget. Detail anticipated expenses (e.g. stipends or honoraria, travel, accommodations, promotional materials, postage, student assistance, hospitality, and facility rentals), as well as other confirmed and anticipated sources of support. If you have questions about building your budget, contact Julie Stoverink at