Announcing Fall Funding Round Recipients

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Congratulations to our award recipients and our warm thanks to all who applied.

The Simpson Center for the Humanities announces our Fellowship and Collaborative Project awards for 2023-2024 after receiving many strong proposals from University of Washington faculty and graduate students during our most recent fall funding round.

Generally speaking, the Simpson Center Executive Board makes awards decisions twice during each academic year. During the spring funding round, the Simpson Center welcomes proposals for collaborative projects and graduate research clusters. Check back for announcements on upcoming funding round dates, instructions, and deadlines.

Congratulations to our award recipients and our warm thanks to all who applied.

Society of Scholars Fellowships

Arbella Bet-Shlimon (Associate Professor, History)
Colonialism and Anticolonialism Across the Iraq-Kuwait Border, 1920-1990

Christina Yuen Zi Chung (PhD Candidate, Gender, Women & Sexuality Studies)
At the Seams of the World: Gender and Decoloniality in Hong Kong Contemporary Art

Aria Fani (Assistant Professor, Middle Eastern Languages & Culture)
Spaces Between Nations: Afghans, Iranians, and Literary Nationalism

Hannah Frydman (Assistant Professor, French & Italian)
Between the Sheets: Classified Advertising, Sexuality, and the Moral Threat to Press Freedom in France

P. Joshua Griffin (Assistant Professor, American Indian Studies)
Kivalina’s Horizons: Iñupiaq Resurgence in an Age of Climate Change

Douglas Ishii (Assistant Professor, English)
Something Real: Asian American Arts Criticism and the Racialization of Sophistication

Sarah Levin-Richardson (Associate Professor, Classics)
The Emotional Landscape of Roman Slavery

Reuven Pinnata (PhD Candidate, English)
Troubling Inheritances: On World Literature as Indonesian Literature

Chandan Reddy (Associate Professor, Gender, Women & Sexuality Studies)
Operationalizing Racial Capitalism: On Liberalism's Command Powers

Josh Reid (Associate Professor, American Indian Studies)
Indigenous Explorers: Making Indigenous Futures and Pacific Worlds

Ananya Sikand (PhD Candidate, Art History)
Muslim Unbelonging: Conceptual and Performance Art in Post-Independence South Asia (1970-2020)

Lynn Thomas (Professor, History)
A Global History of Abortion: Kenya, the United States, and Contested Technologies

Digital Humanities Summer Fellowships

Mal Ahern (Assistant Professor, Cinema & Media Studies)
Factory Forms (Image and Object Database)

Taiko Aoki-Marcial (PhD Student, English) and Cristina Sánchez-Martín (Assistant Professor, English)
Multilingual "Translationships" and Digital Storytelling with Local Communities

Melinda Cohoon (PhD Candidate, Interdisciplinary Near and Middle Eastern Studies)
Digital Iran Reloaded: Iranian Censorship of Citizens and the Gaming Industry

Hannah Frydman (Assistant Professor, French & Italian)
Between the Digital Sheets: Research and Teaching Methods for Working with Digitized Classified Ads

Nathanael Elias Mengist (PhD Student, Human Centered Design and Engineering) and Gabrielle Benabdallah (PhD Student, Human Centered Design and Engineering)
Alchemical Operations

Melanie Walsh (Assistant Teaching Professor, Information School)
When Postwar American Fiction Went Viral: Protest, Profit, and Popular Readers in the 21st Century

Society of Scholars Summer Fellowships

Andreas Bassett (PhD Candidate, English)
The Purchase of Playbooks: Shopping for Drama and Book Buying in Early Modern England

Aaron Carpenter (PhD Candidate, German)
Rajžaliteratur – A Journey Through the Shifting Words of German-Language Traumatic Narratives of South Slavic Writers

Alexandra Meany (PhD Candidate, English)
Post-war U.S. Urban Literatures and Geographies of Violence

Frances O'Shaughnessy (PhD Candidate, History)
Black Revolution on the Sea Islands: Empire, Property, and the Emancipation of Humanity

Maxine Savage (PhD Candidate, Scandinavian Studies)
North Adjacent: Race, Sex, and the Spatiotemporality of Borealism

Or Vallah (PhD Candidate, Art History)
"I live in hell and paint its pictures": Rethinking the Early Modern Art-making Experience from a Disability Studies Perspective

Barclay Simpson Scholars in Public

Ellie Cleasby (PhD Student, Geography)
Valuing Our Clothes: Linking Academic Knowledge and Activism to Organize Against Fast Fashion

Jennifer Baker (PhD Student, English) and Kelly Clemen (PhD Student, English)
Introduction to Feminist Social Cultural Theory: A Video Series

J. Shelby House (PhD Student, Anthropology)
Zoo, Circus, Menagerie, Prison: Multispecies Captivity and Human-Animal Relations at Seattle's Woodland Park Zoo

Megan Butler (PhD Candidate, English)
Discovering the Disconnect: Assessing Need Beyond Need for Refugees and New Immigrants

Rasheena Fountain (PhD Student, English)
Sustaining for Us

Collaborative Projects

Research Cluster on Artificial Intelligence:

Anna Preus (Assistant Professor, English), Geoffrey Turnovsky (Associate Professor, French & Italian), Melanie Walsh (Assistant Teaching Professor, Information School), and Richard Watts (Associate Professor, French & Italian)
Technological Transformation and Human Creativity: The Impact of AI on Authorship, Reading, Translation, and Critique

Fall 2023 Working Conference on Migration:

Anand Yang (Professor, History)
Translations of Migration