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Historian James Gregory Receives Barclay Simpson Prize for Scholarship in Public Of all the accomplishments in James Gregory’s career as a historian, one discovery demonstrates his drive to bring scholarship out of the academy and into the grit of the real world.  In... Read more
We Wandered as a Cloud: Collaborative Poetry for a Digital Age For William Wordsworth, clouds represented the solitude of the poet: “I wandered lonely as a cloud / That floats on high o’er vales and hills.”  The leader of the English Romantic movement... Read more
Rainer Forst Lectures on Toleration and Democracy (Video) Rainer Forst argued for a particular democratic notion of toleration in a full Kane Hall auditorium on Wedneday, April 29. "One doesn’t need to explain these days why toleration is an... Read more
Certificate in Public Scholarship The Certificate in Public Scholarship brings together a crossdisciplinary cohort of UW graduate students and faculty interested in: public scholarship that engages in cultural practice and inquiry...
Digital Humanities Summer Fellowships The Simpson Center offers annual summer fellowships for faculty and doctoral students to pursue research projects that use digital technologies in innovative and intensive ways and/or explore the...
HUM Courses The Simpson Center offers courses at the graduate level that reflect its commitments to crossdisciplinary research, digital humanities, and public scholarship. Course Offerings Fall 2015 Greek...

Funding Opportunities

The Simpson Center provides financial and administrative support for crossdisciplinary research, teaching, and engagement projects. Simpson Center funding sponsors a wide range of activities, including fellowships for UW faculty and doctoral students, cross-departmental research groups, scholarly conferences and symposia, and community-engaged collaborations. Read more

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Each year, the Simpson Center receives generous gifts that provide support for a wide range of activities on the UW campus and in the greater Seattle community. These contributions enable the Simpson Center to foster the growth of existing programs and to provide support for new initiatives in the development of cutting edge research, innovative teaching, and campus-community engagement. Learn about ways to give

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events