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The Simpson Center provides financial and administrative support for crossdisciplinary research, teaching, and engagement projects in the humanities and humanistic social sciences. The ACLS offers a useful description of these areas of study: "the humanities and humanistic social sciences are fundamentally acts of investigation and reflection about different cultures, texts, and artifacts across space and time. Humanists study the diverse means by which human beings in every age and culture explore, understand, and change their world."

We support a wide range of activities, including fellowships, cross-departmental research groups, scholarly conferences and symposia, community-engaged collaborations, and other projects.

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Spring 2022 Funding Round

For funding term -
Applications open: Applications due:
Application Instructions
  1. Bundle your proposal into a single PDF. Name your file "[Your last name]-[Project Title]."
  2. Complete the proposal information form. You will be prompted to upload your proposal at the end of the form.
  3. If your proposal requires a letter of support, request that the letter be sent to the Simpson Center directly at

See individual funding categories for details on submission guidelines.

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We encourage applicants to meet with us before submitting a proposal. To schedule a meeting, contact Assistant Director Rachel Arteaga. To discuss Co-Sponsored Events, contact Program and Events Manager Caitlin Palo.

Note: Co-Sponsored Events and Barclay Simpson Prize Nominations do not fall within our Fall and Spring Funding Category deadlines. To learn more, please refer to the full descriptions for Barclay Simpson Prize for Scholarship in Public, Co-Sponsored UW Events, and Co-Sponsored Community Events. The best way to stay updated on deadlines for funding opportunities is to subscribe to our newsletter, where we announce when funding opportunities open and close.

Co-Sponsored UW Events

Faculty members may request small discretionary grants (maximum $750) to support opportunities such as visiting speakers and conferences. At least two units must be involved to propose an event (for example, the South Asia Center and the Department of History might collaborate on bringing a visiting speaker to UW). Applicants for co-sponsorship are eligible to request use of the Simpson Center’s Zoom Webinar platform, and YouTube hosting. Applications are accepted throughout the year and do not go through Executive Board review.

Application Instructions:

Letters requesting co-sponsorship funds should be sent by a UW faculty member and should:

  • Describe the event
  • List the event date and time, and whether this will be an in-person or remote
  • Link to the visiting speaker’s academic profile (if applicable)
  • Specify how much is being requested and how the funds will be used
  • Identify at least two units (other than the Simpson Center) that will support the event in some substantive way
  • If requesting use of Zoom Webinar platform, explain the specific need for this platform (as opposed to, for example, the zoom meeting platform).
  • If requesting YouTube Hosting, state how a recording of this event will be of enduring value for both a public audience and graduate or undergraduate education.

Submit letters to Program & Events Manager Caitlin Palo at  

Please note: Co-sponsorship funding supplements the support of the lead unit, which is expected to administer funding and the event. The Simpson Center can promote the event through our calendar and website, but does not assume additional organizational responsibilities for co-sponsored UW events.

Scheduling note: The Simpson Center does not co-sponsor events that conflict with other events we are supporting.

Zoom Webinar Hosting: Use of the webinar platform requires additional Simpson Center staff time, which will be taken into consideration when this resource is requested.

YouTube Hosting: There are associated costs (both labor and monetary) to post and to make videos fully accessible. The Simpson Center may have further questions regarding plans and will evaluate YouTube hosting requests on the basis of cost (including time and availability of Simpson Center staff) and on the merits of the broadly distributing the event recording through a public platform such as YouTube. For more information about how the Simpson Center supports video recording and posting co-sponsored events, please refer to "Recording Your Events" in our Funded Project Toolkit.