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The Race/Knowledge Project

The Race/Knowledge Project

Year of Funding: 

The Race/Knowledge Project was an interdisciplinary research cluster exploring the contemporary articulations and contradictions of race and culture as they mediate the production of global and local imaginaries within and beyond the university. The cluster’s 2009-10 activities included discussion groups, quarterly colloquia, and a spring symposium. Race/Knowledge aimed to build coalitional and intellectual relationships amongst graduate students and faculty from multiple disciplines while strategically reaching out to and including others whose positions and perspectives are necessary to inform the project’s commitment to thinking about the stakes of an anti-racist praxis.

Organizers and Collaborators

  • Christian Ravela (English)
  • Jed Murr (English)
  • Jason Morse (English)
  • Sooja Kelsey (Independent Scholar)
  • Kate Boyd (English)
  • Sydney Fonteyn Lewis (English)
  • Suzanne Schmidt (English)
  • Pacharee Sudhinaraset (English)
  • Simon Trujillo (English)