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The Race/Knowledge Project

The Race/Knowledge Project

Year of Funding: 

The Race/Knowledge Project was dedicated to interrogating the contemporary status of race within what is increasingly understood as the global university and its intricate connections to our local communities. The contours of our work included public lectures, round tables, study groups, conferences, and other events designed to engage people from disparate locations in dialogue about understandings of race and manifestations of racism in our present times.

Organizers and Collaborators

  • Simon Trujillo (English)
  • Pacharee Sudhinaraset (English)
  • Jason Morse (English)
  • Suzanne Schmidt (English)
  • Kate Boyd (English)
  • Sydney Lewis (English)
  • Sooja Kelsey (English)
  • Christian Ravela (English)
  • Jed Murr (English)