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Queer + Public + Pedagogy

Queer + Public + Pedagogy

Year of Funding: 

Queer + Public + Pedagogy, a graduate student interest group that engaged the intersection of queer scholarship and pedagogical practices within the university and beyond.Through a schedule of tea times, reading groups, workshops, and research colloquia we built upon prior years of discussion about the theoretical, institutional, and performative possibilities of queer publics and counterpublics. The questions we explored centered around the possibilities and problematics of performing queerness or performing queerly in public, pedagogical spaces. The near-term goal was to produce a community in which these kinds of discussions can take place, as well as a working-group in which the day-to-day materials of teaching and scholarship can be shared with peers, vetted with colleagues, and employed in the classroom. Our long-term goal was to cultivate an understanding of how queerness works and can work in our classrooms in theoretically and pedagogically savvy ways.

Organizers and Collaborators

  • Lindsay Rose Russell (English)
  • Edmond Chang (English)
  • Annie Dwyer (English)
  • Jessica Johnson (Anthropology)
  • Jason Morse (English)