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Texts and Teachers

Year of Funding: 
Texts and Teachers workshop.

Texts and Teachers is a curriculum development program and university/high school collaboration that has been in existence since 2000. The project has linked classes taught to over two hundred high school students in six area high schools each year. It involves high school teachers in designing the courses to be taught, making them partners in a shared educational project. Participating teachers work with a UW faculty member to design a new course in a summer workshop that is then taught on a regular basis in succeeding years in both the UW and the high school settings, with visits back and forth by UW faculty and the high school students. 

Building on the successful creation of a second course in 2010 (“Film as Narrative”), this year Texts and Teachers will enroll up to seven new teachers in a summer 2013 workshop, where they will work with Anu Taranath (English) to design an entirely new linked course exploring American ethnic literatures. Called “Margins and Centers," this new course will be implemented in three to four additional high schools during the 2013-14 school year.  

Primary Contacts

Gary Handwerk (English)

Anu Taranath (English)