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New Scholarly Practices, Broader Career Paths in Near & Middle Eastern Studies

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This project works to change the conversation in the Interdisciplinary Near & Middle Eastern Studies PhD Program about the role of public scholarship, digital humanities, and new media publications in building a career as a humanities scholar. It aims to make consideration and preparation for non-academic positions part of our program's conversation about the career trajectory of succesful scholars. It also transforms aspects of the curriculum to institutionalize consideration of broad career paths and to validate the work of digital humanities and public scholarship as part of our students' scholarly careers. The project organizes three public roundtables featuring visiting scholars:

  1. Making Your Public Scholarship Career Scholarship
  2. Digital Humanities & New Media Publication as Public Scholarship
  3. Mapping Off-ramps and On-ramps to Academic Careers

We will incorporate resource sheets, career maps, and best practice guidelines developed from these panels into the program’s core graduate professionalization seminar.  The project also hosts two retreats and a capstone workshop to create an institutional environment that recognizes that students’ work with digital humanities and public scholarship is a part of the program’s intellectual breadth, creativity, and scholarly engagement. 

Primary Contacts

Cabeiri Robinson (Jackson School of International Studies)

Oscar Aguirre-Mandujano (Interdisciplinary Program in Near & Middle Eastern Studies)

Esra Bakkalbasiouglu (Interdisciplinary Program in Near & Middle Eastern Studies)

Michael Degerald (Interdisciplinary Program in Near & Middle Eastern Studies)