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Multi-Disciplinary Translation Studies

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Despite surging interest in the field of translation studies over the last decade, no coordinated program currently exists for UW translators or translation scholars. To address that gap, we as UW graduate students aim to forge our own community of and for translators and translation scholars on campus. Our community acknowledges translation studies as an “inter-discipline,” and we work to align and articulate the interests of a variety of graduate students that converge in the transfer of knowledge and culture through translation. Students may come from the humanities—languages, literature, linguistics, history, philosophy—or may well come from the tech disciplines, where artificial intelligence and machine translation research is surging, or the business school, because translators are entrepreneurs who launch and lead their own publishing businesses. Our graduate student members may join from the Jackson School of International Studies, or the law school, or the UW College of Education. In common we have translation as part of, or core to, our research, and we would like to develop support for our efforts from the University of Washington. 

The cluster promotes translation as a valued form of scholarship in its own right as advocated by the Modern Language Association’s 2007 report on evaluating translation for tenure and promotion, and the MLA’s 2011 guidelines for peer review of translation as scholarship. Our goal is to spark a conversation that will lead to greater opportunities for translation scholarship, including the possible creation of translation certificates or degrees.  

Are you interested in translation as scholarship at the UW? Join us! We are hosting three featured-speaker events and monthly meetups for UW translation scholars. Share information about your own translation work and research on our Facebook page. If you’d like to join our email listserv please email Brianna Salinas


Primary Contact

Brianna Salinas (Spanish & Portuguese Studies)