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Moving Images

Year of Funding: 
Museum display of old cameras and film reels

The Moving Images graduate research cluster brings together students from a variety of departments focused on the study of moving images, including narrative and documentary film as well as television and new media. The group allows graduate students to gather and discuss recent scholarship, prepare for and react to visiting scholars, and exchange feedback about their own research. The group’s common fields of inquiry include film history and theory, aesthetics, moving image pedagogy, and changing conditions in media environments. Our overall goal is to develop and sustain research and pedagogical exchange about moving images. The growing number of participants demonstrates continued interest in these kinds of opportunities. This year's research focus is interdisciplinary and intercultural approaches to world cinema.

Primary Contacts

Ungsan Kim (English) 

Sarah Ross (Comparative Literature, Cinema & Media)

Qian He (Comparative Literature, Cinema & Media)