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MIRG: Moving Image Research Group

MIRG: Moving Image Research Group

Year of Funding: 
Moving Image Research Group

The Moving Images Research Group (MIRG) supports and develops the newly launched Cinema and Media Studies Ph.D. Certificate program. In 2011-2012, the group seeks not only to expand its colloquium series, but also to energize and broaden the MIRG community through a series of experimental models.

Project Goals

MIRG's overall aim is to develop, invigorate and sustain research and pedagogical exchange on “moving images” at UW. Other goals include:

  • Fostering graduate student leadership through the MIRG graduate interest group,
  • Building our Ph.D. Certificate in Cinema and Media Studies,
  • Integrating with art gallery and museum resources on campus, and
  • Incorporating the energy and critical acumen of undergraduates as well.

"Moving Image" as Keyword

  1. Moving images (i.e. movies) refers to the aesthetics and institutional status of cinema;
  2. It encompasses a genealogy that stretches back through 19th-century traditions of the magic lantern, phantasmagoria, and chronophotography, and forward through the innovations of television, as well as digital and electronic media;
  3. It recognizes the spatial movement of images, their local and global circulation and distribution; and
  4. It recognizes that images move us as viewers, that they involve significant affective dynamics. 

Organizers and Collaborators