Large Scale Collaborations


fund extended crossdisciplinary, collaborative projects that are often aligned with Simpson Center initiatives.

Black Embodiments Studio

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The Black Embodiments Studio is a writing incubator and public lecture series that examines how definitions of blackness are produced and expressed through visual, aural, and affective realms—engaging three domains that underwrite the physical and metaphysical dimensions of inhabiting black skin.

Summer Institute on Global Indigeneities

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Graduate students and faculty from across universities gather to focus on the intellectual and institutional challenges of articulating indigenous studies.

Visualizations and Dialogues in Art and Biophysics

Microscopic image of umbilical cells

Rebecca Cummins (Art) and Linda Wordeman (Physiology & Biophysics) embark on a transdisciplinary dialogue related to the intersections of art and biophysics. In Wordeman’s lab, microscopic techniques result in quantitative live imaging utilize

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