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Simpson Center for the Humanities

HUM Course Development Form

The Simpson Center administers HUM courses that reflect our commitments to crossdisciplinary research, digital humanities, and public scholarship (see past examples). These courses are typically one-credit, credit/no credit, allowing students to fit them into regular departmental coursework. They are frequently structured around the work of a visiting speaker or conference, allowing for deeper engagement and exchange during the visit.

We encourage you to discuss your idea before submitting with our Assistant Director, Rachel Arteaga. We can construct HUM courses in UW Time Schedule and help you publicize your course. Submitting complete information on time will help us publicize the course to support enrollment.

To have a course listed when Time Schedule is updated each quarter, submit information by:

  • For Fall: April 1 of the preceding academic year
  • For Winter: October 1
  • For Spring: January 1
  • For Summer: January 1
Objectives should be as specific as possible and oriented toward outcomes, i.e. what you want students to know or be able to do by the end of the course. “Study cabinetmaking” is not an outcome, but “be able to build a cabinet” is.
Please specify what work students will be asked to do and how grades will be assessed. You can discuss your participation policy here, specifying how you will assess it. Please note that UW policy does not allow grading on attendance. You may grade on participation and specify that attendance is a prerequisite of participation, but you should have criteria for evaluating participation. For more information, see the Faculty Resource On Grading. Also, students should have an opportunity to assess the course. We can help you administer course evaluations, or you can make arrangements through your department or the Office of Instructional Assessment. A Simpson Center course evaluation template is available by request.
You may add an attachment such as a course syllabus here. If it is not ready, send a copy of the final syllabus to by the first day of class.
Files must be less than 2 MB.
Allowed file types: gif jpg jpeg png pdf doc docx.
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