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Simpson Center for the Humanities

Graduate Research Clusters


(formerly Graduate Interest Groups) encourage crossdisciplinary collaboration among graduate students through organized readings, screenings, dissertation working groups, and other activities.

Body and Media Graduate Research Cluster

The Body and Media research group participates in the shift of focus to corporeality and mediation across disciplines in the Humanities and Social Sciences, a shift often perceived as a reaction to the discourse-centered, psychoanalytic-linguistic


CHIME (Critical Humanities & Interdisciplinary Medical Education) unites a coalition of graduate students dedicated to raising critical consciousness in medical education.

Collective for the Study of Racial Capitalism

This graduate cluster convenes scholar-activists from across the UW Campus to share work, workshop writing, and develop inter- and cross-disciplinary capacity for relationally grounded graduate student work in the field of Racial Capitalism.

Eighteenth and Nineteenth Century Studies

Writing desk from 2017 JaneFest celebration at the UW

The Eighteenth and Nineteenth Century graduate research cluster brings together graduate students from English, Art History, Comparative Literature, French & Italian, Germanics, and other departments who research aspects of global middle moder

Feminist Writing Graduate Research Cluster

Academic writing is often thought of and experienced as processes of (self-)isolation, but we, as graduate students and writers, do not and should not have to feel the same way.

Gender and Sexuality

We are a diverse group with a common goal: to create a supportive intellectual community that encourages a variety of rigorous work related to the topics of gender and sexuality.

Genomics Salon

The UW Genomics Salon hosts discussions on subjects of general intellectual interest related to the field of genomics and, more broadly, modern biology.

HAPTICS Study Group

A graduate research group dedicated to the collective study of the haptic: the science and technology of transmitting and understanding information through touch.

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