Graduate Research Clusters


(formerly Graduate Interest Groups) encourage crossdisciplinary collaboration among graduate students through organized readings, screenings, dissertation working groups, and other activities.

Comparative Study of Race

Photo of a protest, two signs that read "From Ferguson to Palestine Occupation is a Crime" and "Ferguson and Palestine Stop Apartheid Now"

The Comparative Study of Race graduate research cluster connects students across diverse fields to advance the critical and comparative study of race at the UW and other institutions.

Disability Studies

Black and white photo from a protest. Protesters in wheelchairs, holding signs saying "We shall overcome" and "Access is a civil right"

Disability Studies is a growing field that approaches disability from a social justice perspective. It pushes back against a dominant narrative that disability is a condition to be cured or minimized through medical, technical, or other intervention.

Eighteenth and Nineteenth Century

Drawings of Victorian fashion trends throughout the 1800s

The Eighteenth and Nineteenth Century graduate research cluster brings together graduate students from English, Art History, Comparative Literature, Cinema & Media, French & Italian Studies, and other departments who research various aspects of the global middle-modernity period.

Gender and Sexuality Studies

Drawing of five people with exchangeable body parts

We are a diverse group with a common goal: to create and maintain a supportive intellectual community that encourages a variety of rigorous work related to the topics of gender and sexuality.

Genomics Salon

Scroll, inkpot, and quill

The Genomics Salon graduate research cluster provides an informal forum for discussing subjects of general intellectual interest related to genomics and, more broadly, modern biology, in the spirit of Enlightenment-era French salons.

Interdisciplinary and Transnational Feminist Approaches to 'the Private'

Collaged image of a head, with images of eyeballs and abstract drawings

Together we are interested in exploring a feminist, cross-disciplinary study of the concept of privacy through the lens of intersectionality.

Modernist Studies

Lithograph of soldiers marching

The Modernist Studies graduate research cluster brings together scholars from various departments and the community to discuss literary, visual, and historical texts related to the late nineteenth- and early twentieth-century.

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