Graduate Research Clusters


(formerly Graduate Interest Groups) encourage crossdisciplinary collaboration among graduate students through organized readings, screenings, dissertation working groups, and other activities.

African Media and Materialities

A corner block with run-down cellphone repair shop called Dr. Musa Cellphone Repair, made from shipper containers

The African Media and Materialities graduate research cluster focuses on media and materialities to bring together several strands of thought and research.

Comparative Study of Race

Photo of a protest, two signs that read "From Ferguson to Palestine Occupation is a Crime" and "Ferguson and Palestine Stop Apartheid Now"

The Comparative Study of Race graduate research cluster connects students across the fields of Gender, Women & Sexuality Studies, Ethnic Studies, Queer Studies, African American Studies, American Indian Studies, Asian American Studies

Environmental Humanities

Photo of Mount Rainier; a field of grass and blue flowers with mountain tops in distance

What role can the humanities play in pursuing environmental safety and justice? How can they inform scientific inquiry?

Moving Images

Museum display of old cameras and film reels

The Moving Images graduate research cluster brings together students from a variety of departments focused on the study of moving images, including narrative and documentary film as well as television and new media.

Writing Difference and Equity

The Writing Difference and Equity graduate research cluster supports graduate students across the humanities in developing productive and sustainable writing habits, in addressing the major barriers that PhD students face during the disse

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