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Simpson Center for the Humanities

Graduate Research Clusters


(formerly Graduate Interest Groups) encourage crossdisciplinary collaboration among graduate students through organized readings, screenings, dissertation working groups, and other activities.

Black Cinema Collective

The Black Cinema Collective seeks to explore what is to be learned and what is to be taught by close engagement with Black film.

Disability Studies

Black and white photo from a protest. Protesters in wheelchairs, holding signs saying "We shall overcome" and "Access is a civil right"

Disability Studies is a growing field that approaches disability from a social justice perspective. It pushes back against a dominant narrative that disability is a condition to be cured or minimized through medical, technical, or other intervention.

Dissent Images

The Dissent-Images GRC group gather cross-disciplinary thinkers to explore the power of “dissent images”: not merely images of and for dissent, (audio-)visual artifacts concerning dissidents, but also encounters of image-making and viewing as diss

Eighteenth and Nineteenth Century Studies

Writing desk from 2017 JaneFest celebration at the UW

The Eighteenth and Nineteenth Century graduate research cluster brings together graduate students from English, Art History, Comparative Literature, French & Italian, Germanics, and other departments who research aspects of global middle moder

Gender and Sexuality

We are a diverse group with a common goal: to create supportive intellectual community that encourages a variety of rigorous work related to the topics of gender and sexuality.

Genomics Salon

The Genomics Salon graduate research cluster provides an informal forum for discussing subjects of general intellectual interest related to genomics and, more broadly, modern biology, in the spirit of Enlightenment-era French salons.

Indigenous Studies

Picture of a Graffiti Indigenous Studies Mural

This is an interdisciplinary group of graduate students interested in or pursuing work in Indigenous Studies with the goal of staying on top of the most recent American Indian and Indigenous studies scholarship as part of our professional developm

Interdisciplinary Ethnographies

Interdisciplinarity is a difficult goal to achieve as it requires intellectual collaboration among scholars.

Multi-Disciplinary Translation Studies

Despite surging interest in the field of translation studies over the last decade, no coordinated program currently exists for UW translators or translation scholars.

Reimagining the Dissertation in the 21st Century

We seek to reimagine the dissertation and its potential audiences by engaging in three activities: 1) A crossdisciplinary inquiry into expanded dissertation forms and the communities they can address; 2) Dissertation workshops for experimenting wi

Trans Representations in Media and Popular Culture

This research cluster attempts to do that work and highlights trans scholars and scholarship, while specifically looking at the issue of representation in popular culture.

Writing Racial Capitalism Across Disciplines

This graduate cluster convenes scholar-activists from across the UW Campus to share work, workshop writing, and develop inter- and cross-disciplinary capacity for relationally grounded graduate student work in the field of Racial Capitalism.

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